14 July 2022: Nechako Reservoir Update

Flow Facts: 8 July to 14 July 2022

With the current high water event, we recognize the community’s increased interest in reservoir conditions and management. Additional information is provided in this Flow Facts and we will continue to provide updates as needed.

  • Reservoir level increased from 2799.75 feet to 2799.82 feet in the past 7 days. See below information about current conditions.
  • Skins Lake Spillway discharge is currently ~390 m3/s, where it will be maintained for at least another week to control reservoir levels.
  • Approximately 10 (ten) millimetres of precipitation was recorded last week, and 15 to 25 millimetres (fifteen to twenty-five) is anticipated over the next 7 days.
  • Real-time and historical information on reservoir activity can be viewed at any time by clicking here. Please see images below for further details regarding current reservoir conditions.

Additional information regarding current conditions

Overall, since 1 April 2022, we are experiencing the 3rd highest amount of rain on record for this period due to the late Spring and recent rain events.

Rio Tinto continues to work closely with Indigenous and local communities, stakeholders, as well as the Water Control Board  to uphold reservoir safety and minimize downstream impacts. We will continue to issue information through Flow Facts, Facebook and the Get Involved Nechako website, as well as community meetings as needed. Real-time reservoir activity can be viewed at any time here.